A Day Out Playing Poker While Kayaking

In our modern hectic lives, we are all so focused towards our family and work commitments that we forget to take the time to play our favorite games. In my 30’s, when I was stressed out with my work and family responsibilities, my wife planned an outing to change my mood and outlook. I would say it was a great decision to go out on an outing with family. After all, taking out time from your busy life to play and laugh makes you feel better.

My wife was well aware of the fact that I love to play poker. So she decided that instead of playing in a casino or bar, why not play it in scenic areas. We started researching the ways we could play poker in an open environment. That’s when she gave the idea of combining poker with kayaking for a noble cause. I thought it was a wonderful idea! The next day we got tickets to Paddle Poker at Lagoon and I got to reading inflatable kayak reviews online.

paddle poker

During this unusual poker run, kayakers are supposed to reach the seven poker stops around the lagoon while drawing one playing card at each stop. Initially, the participants are given one card, and then they have to paddle around the bay to pick the extra cards at certain spots. Upon returning, if the player is unhappy with their hand, they may purchase different cards. It is not a race, and at the last stop, whoever has the winning poker hand wins the award. The objective of the game is to have the winning poker hand at the end of the paddle. By picking the junk along the way, participants can earn two cards at the maximum and make a donation at the end.

We were all geared up and excited for this unique way of playing poker and I had our oru bay kayak up and ready to go. We took our sunglasses, sunscreens, hats, water shoes, waterproof cameras, plenty of drinks and snacks. Each person was supposed to have a whistle and PFD in their boats at all times. There were paddlers of all types and experience levels. Kayaks and stand-up paddle boards paddled 4.25 miles to navigate the lagoon and the event had around 150 participants. The cost per paddler was $55, and a whistle and 20-liter dry bag were included in the price.

kayak poker

I found this way of playing poker much more interesting. Instead of staring at a screen for hours, you can play it in a pleasant surrounding. Your fortunes are very much related to your mood swings. Hence, if you are playing it with a free mind sailing around on the water, your chance of winning is very high. All your family members can actively participate in the event. In this way, you can spend quality time with your family too. The idea of combining these two activities together is fascinating and refreshing for those who want some adventure while playing poker.

Inspired by the magnitude of this event, I felt so refreshed and a playful and humorous side came out of me. After a whole day of enjoyment, what I learned was that playing together brings vitality, joy, and flexibility to relationships. It is a pleasant way to light up your creativity, imagination and emotional well-being. I thanked my wife for planning such a memorable outing.