Group Fun With Hold’em Buddies Out And About

I’ve been quite active lately with anything involving the ocean, like kayaking, surfing, swimming, etc. I always choose to go on tours or with a group, just because it’s safer and I can also try to make some friends during the whole process. I’ve started to notice some regulars, like myself, and so we kind of just chat about silly things and laugh a lot. We also watch out for each other when we’re having fun.

kayaking at the cove

We do tours with a few rental companies, and so far I’ve done lots of kayaking, snorkeling with sharks, and a little scuba diving. Last time, it was kayak rentals San Diego. There’s more tours I want to go on, and I already have one planned in advance with these same people I met. They have the same taste for adventure as I do, and a few of them have done so many things that I just stare at them in shock.

Last night I went to play poker at Jim’s house (he’s one of the group), down in his man cave. I was pretty jealous of his basement, so now I want a man cave too! He had a pool table, a huge tv on the wall, a bar, and a tiger rug. I thought it was real, and I was about to walk out of there out of anger, but he said it was fake, so all was ok.

wood cave

I got down close to it just to be sure. I’m not very trusting, and I despise hunters, especially wildlife hunters. It would be my dream to take down poachers, if I could, but I’ll settle with animal rescue in general. Sometimes it can get pretty emotional and maddening, but I’ve learned to do my best to keep my cool when horrible things are happening. That’s one of the reasons I need to do these active things, to blow off some steam!