Bonding With Friends At The Bay

Fair warning: This is a bit of a personal post.  If you just came here to learn about Texas Poker Holdem, start with this video and jump to our other great articles!  Have a great day.

A couple weeks ago, it was my 30th birthday and it was a lovely sunny day. I was planning to spend the entire day kayaking with my two friends, Jude and Kathleen. They own their own jet skis and I had my own kayak, thanks to my mom having bought it for me as a birthday present after reading about it at She is the best mom ever! I could barely contain myself the past four months before my birthday, planning and waiting. Finally it came and it could not have been a more superb day. The three of us girls made sure to request my birthday off from our jobs.

All three of us had planned to camp at the end of the day. We are three single girls who wanted to have nothing but fun in good old San Francisco. We moved here when I was 8 , from Indiana and will never look back. At 8 A.M. sharp we left for the campground at the top of North Bay. I was driving my family camper, Jude was pulling the jet skis with her jeep, and Kathleen had my kayak and the rest of our gear. It’s an inflatable kayak but I didn’t want to spend the time putting air into it so I did that before we left. Our destination was only two hours from home.

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As we pulled into the campground area the sunshine was beaming. I parked the camper, as the girls changed into their wet suits. Kathleen and Jude already had their skis in the water by the time I pulled out my new baby. Wow, I was almost brought to tears! My mom has outstanding taste when it comes to choosing a kayak. It was a marvel to my eyes. I had been looking at inflatable kayak reviews much earlier than all of this, but was unsure. She must have seen me looking at them on the computer and decided to get me one!

Our plan was to hit the water all afternoon. I paddled on the bay while the girls hit the water with their jet skis. I was more than ready to give my new baby a test drive. Getting used to a new boat is indeed a challenge. However, we could not have had more fun acting like little kids. When we finally called it a night and slowly rode back beneath the stars, I was breathless. The water in North bay was crystal clear.

The most hilarious thing happened while we were finishing dinner. A couple of guys asked us if we wanted to play Texas Hold’Em poker . The girls were all for it, however, I had no idea how to play. They guys were just so handsome and nice, so I said yes. As we followed them all back to their RV to play, I whispered to Jude which guy I liked. She sat next to me at the table and let me see her cards while she played. All while I was trying to learn during each round. Even if it made her look bad, she wanted me to feel special on my birthday.

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Oh, what a great friend to have. Good thing we were not playing for money. The truth was we all were terrible! I could not of had a better day riding with my best friends on the North Bay. Now, I would love to learn how to play better poker!

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