Poker Hand Rankings Infographic!

When I started learning card games, I remember feeling… overwhelmed. Especially when it came to poker. I can look back and chuckle now. Can’t remember various poker hand rankings? Well, look at this sweet infographic down below! Bookmark it, print it, memorize it–whatever you do, don’t forget it!

Every day, you can spend five minute memorizing these poker hands. Next time you drop by here, you better know what a royal flush is, what a straight flush is, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, pair, and high card are! 😉

poker hand rankings

Learn How to Read Poker Players!

No matter what, we, as poker players, can agree that learning how to read other poker players at the table, i.e. your competition, is a damn fine skill that can lead your gambling career… or break it!  With that in mind, we are sharing the following video which talks about the 10 obvious poker tells that you need to look out for if you ever want to become good at… (wait for it!)…. ! Winning!

Also, on another note, if you have any suggestions on certain topics you’d like covered, please feel free to leave us a comment or email us.  Onto the video…

How to Read Poker Players

Learning Texas Hold’em Poker In The Least Brutal Way Possible

… through video!

The following video will teach you the bare bones basics of what Texas Hold’em Poker is all about.  While our upcoming guides will go in-depth about the basics, intermediate, and advanced strategies, as well as the rules, this is indeed, a great place to start:

Now, if that seems confusing, please either leave us questions in the comments section or re-watch the video a couple of times until you gain a better understanding of it.  Please realize that every beginner started where you are: with no knowledge or “confused” knowledge.  It won’t be until you play Texas Hold’em a few times that you will learn things more and become less confused.

Oh what, you thought Kid Poker was that good from the start?  No way!  Check out his story here.

Profiling Poker Players: Daniel Negreanu AKA Kid Poker

If you’ve dabbled in the world of poker or even watch world poker events, there is no way that you haven’t heard of Kid Poker, or by his real name, Daniel Negreanu (though, keep in mind that he was born on July 26th, 1974 in Canada).

It was at the age of 16 that Daniel discovered his love for gambling in the form of poker. It probably helped that he already loved numbers and his fascination with probability couldn’t have led him to a better career path: poker!

His love for gambling would see him drop out of high school just a credit short. However, by that time, he had honed his skills enough to the point where he was playing with players twice his age and winning… consistently. Once he turned 21, he moved to Las Vegas to pursue professional poker.

However, Las Vegas is where Daniel would find himself truly challenged. He lost all his bankroll and returned to Toronto, Canada.

Long story short: the man tweaked his gameplay by spending hours and hours playing, understanding his weak points, and strengthening his overall game.

In 1998, he would enter his very first World Series of Poker event AND win the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold ‘Em event, and at the age of 23, Daniel became the youngest player ever, at the time, to win a World Series of Poker bracelet…. which rightfully earned him the name, Kid Poker.

You can learn more about Daniel in the following video which can be found on Netflix as well:

Bonding With Friends At The Bay

Fair warning: This is a bit of a personal post.  If you just came here to learn about Texas Poker Holdem, start with this video and jump to our other great articles!  Have a great day.

A couple weeks ago, it was my 30th birthday and it was a lovely sunny day. I was planning to spend the entire day kayaking with my two friends, Jude and Kathleen. They own their own jet skis and I had my own kayak, thanks to my mom having bought it for me as a birthday present after reading about it at She is the best mom ever! I could barely contain myself the past four months before my birthday, planning and waiting. Finally it came and it could not have been a more superb day. The three of us girls made sure to request my birthday off from our jobs.

All three of us had planned to camp at the end of the day. We are three single girls who wanted to have nothing but fun in good old San Francisco. We moved here when I was 8 , from Indiana and will never look back. At 8 A.M. sharp we left for the campground at the top of North Bay. I was driving my family camper, Jude was pulling the jet skis with her jeep, and Kathleen had my kayak and the rest of our gear. It’s an inflatable kayak but I didn’t want to spend the time putting air into it so I did that before we left. Our destination was only two hours from home.

san fran bay

As we pulled into the campground area the sunshine was beaming. I parked the camper, as the girls changed into their wet suits. Kathleen and Jude already had their skis in the water by the time I pulled out my new baby. Wow, I was almost brought to tears! My mom has outstanding taste when it comes to choosing a kayak. It was a marvel to my eyes. I had been looking at inflatable kayak reviews much earlier than all of this, but was unsure. She must have seen me looking at them on the computer and decided to get me one!

Our plan was to hit the water all afternoon. I paddled on the bay while the girls hit the water with their jet skis. I was more than ready to give my new baby a test drive. Getting used to a new boat is indeed a challenge. However, we could not have had more fun acting like little kids. When we finally called it a night and slowly rode back beneath the stars, I was breathless. The water in North bay was crystal clear.

The most hilarious thing happened while we were finishing dinner. A couple of guys asked us if we wanted to play Texas Hold’Em poker . The girls were all for it, however, I had no idea how to play. They guys were just so handsome and nice, so I said yes. As we followed them all back to their RV to play, I whispered to Jude which guy I liked. She sat next to me at the table and let me see her cards while she played. All while I was trying to learn during each round. Even if it made her look bad, she wanted me to feel special on my birthday.

RV camping

Contract: ELS2
Park: 260403

Oh, what a great friend to have. Good thing we were not playing for money. The truth was we all were terrible! I could not of had a better day riding with my best friends on the North Bay. Now, I would love to learn how to play better poker!

Common Mistakes You Can Make Playing Texas Holdem Poker


As an amateur Texas Holdem poker player, there are some avoidable mistakes that you can make at the table that end up being very costly to you. The only advantage is that these mistakes are easily and quickly recognizable. When you recognize the errors, you won’t forget them next time, thus minimizing your chances of repeating them. In this article, I have compiled the most basic and common mistakes you can make playing Texas Holdem poker, so you can be aware of them before you play.

1. Playing Too Many Hands

Playing too many hands is one of the bad habits that poker players must learn to avoid when they are first learning to play. Most players think that playing many hands will give them a chance to win a big pot. However, this is not the case because playing many hands can land some players in tricky positions, causing them to be stuck in situations that will lead to losses. If you are doing great, you might want to leave the table and play another time.

2. Playing Scared

Most Texas Holdem poker players play with intense fear. Having obeyed the initial rule not to play many hands, they are afraid of making the slightest mistake as it would lead to a loss. As a result, the players fold until they are assured of an unbeatable hand. To get over the fear, get to the poker tables in time and trust your instincts.

3. Bluffing Too Often

Bluffing is when you pretend you have a great hand, so you bet more so the other players might fold and you will win. Too much of it, however, can get poker players into a lot of trouble. Most of your opponents will pick up on this, so do not try to bluff every time they call. As a rule, never bluff without a particular reason, especially if you have a weak hand.

Also, if you really do have a great hand and you’re pretty sure of a win, don’t act too excited. Others will pick up on that and they might fold and you won’t have a chance to make more money.

poker cartoon

‘I’m all in.’

Alternatively, never tilt-bluff. Tilt bluffing is when a player gets overly agressive with bluffing. When your opponents are getting good hands at your expense, don’t get frustrated and make random big bluffs to force something to happen. If you find yourself getting too lost in the game and frustrated, stop playing and take a short break.

4. Overprotecting Your Blinds

Throughout a Texas Holdem poker game, you need to protect your blind so that other players do not steal it. However, you should not do this by calling a raise or a re-raise on the same hand you don’t intend to open.

5. Becoming Impatient

It is common for one to sit for a while before playing in a Texas Holdem poker game. This heightens impatience forcing you to play the cards you ought to have kept. This is usually the case for players who learn to play poker online. Since the online games are fast, they feel odd staying at the poker table for several rounds without playing. Instead, you should wait until the cards come your way.

poker player

6. Poor Bankroll Management

In Texas Holdem poker, as is true with other forms of gambling, you experience winning and losing streaks. If you manage your stakes poorly, then you are likely to exhaust your bankroll during the prolonged losing streaks. To avoid this, you should build your bankroll with poker room bonuses and rake back.

Tips For Playing Texas Holdem Poker

In order to guarantee a win while playing Texas Holdem, position, patience and power are three elements that must come into play. Choosing a good starting hand is perhaps the most important decision that any player can make. After all, it is easy to lose it all with a losing hand or win it all with a winning hand in poker. In order to capitalize on other players’ weaknesses when playing Texas Holdem, these tips will come in handy for both professional and first time players:

1. Always Choose Wisely

Whether online or in person, it is important to ensure that you are selecting the right game. By reading the table that you are considering, it is easy to determine whether it is a good fit for your skill sets and available funds. For instance, if the table comprises of highly experienced Texas Holdem poker players while you are a beginner, moving on to an easier table may be the best decision to make.

2. Place Strategic Bets

Betting in Texas Holdem involves placing the right initial amount, call or check and possibly bluffing. As such, every player should be strategic in observing their opponent’s mannerisms and betting patterns. In this way, players can be able to recognize opportunities that will help them outwit their opponents as well as capitalize on their losses. Bluffing should be done carefully and should only be used as a safe betting pattern.

poker chips

3. Only Play Within Your Bankroll

Most players lose because they treat their large bankrolls as an excuse for loose playing. On the contrary, in order for players to win, it is important for them to stay on top of their game and embrace a winning attitude. If you are a player with a big bankroll, you will certainly be targeted. Therefore, be smart and do not be goaded into giving it all away.

4. Fold While You Still Can

Seasoned professionals often consider players who never fold while in a game of Texas Holdem as the easiest targets. Good players always know how to deal with the hand that they have been dealt. They know when to part ways with a poor hand and then wait for the next round.

5. Be A Smart Aggressor

Aggressive players are known to constantly raise their bets. Unfortunately, this gives opponents the opportunity to fold their bets. As such, it is not wise to be overly aggressive. Your opponents can quickly pick up on your strategy and in no time will capitalize on your losses.

6. Understand That The Odds Are Important

Before indulging in a game, always have a rough idea of how the odds will affect the outcome of your game. While it takes a lot of time to master the odds, you can certainly do it slowly but surely as you frequently play the game.


7. Whether You Win Or Lose, Learn To Gracefully Bow Out

Texas Holdem poker is all about respecting all of the players who take part in the game. In addition to that, no one likes a show off or a sore loser. Therefore, learn to maintain a good attitude and have fun while playing poker. Whether you win or lose, remember that there is always another game to be played next time.