Common Mistakes You Can Make Playing Texas Holdem Poker

As an amateur Texas Holdem poker player, there are some avoidable mistakes that you can make at the table that end up being very costly to you. The only advantage is that these mistakes are easily and quickly recognizable. When you recognize the errors, you won’t forget them next time, thus minimizing your chances of repeating them. In this article, I have compiled the most basic and common mistakes you can make playing Texas Holdem poker, so you can be aware of them before you play.

1. Playing Too Many Hands

Playing too many hands is one of the bad habits that poker players must learn to avoid when they are first learning to play. Most players think that playing many hands will give them a chance to win a big pot. However, this is not the case because playing many hands can land some players in tricky positions, causing them to be stuck in situations that will lead to losses. If you are doing great, you might want to leave the table and play another time.

2. Playing Scared

Most Texas Holdem poker players play with intense fear. Having obeyed the initial rule not to play many hands, they are afraid of making the slightest mistake as it would lead to a loss. As a result, the players fold until they are assured of an unbeatable hand. To get over the fear, get to the poker tables in time and trust your instincts.

3. Bluffing Too Often

Bluffing is when you pretend you have a great hand, so you bet more so the other players might fold and you will win. Too much of it, however, can get poker players into a lot of trouble. Most of your opponents will pick up on this, so do not try to bluff every time they call. As a rule, never bluff without a particular reason, especially if you have a weak hand.

Also, if you really do have a great hand and you’re pretty sure of a win, don’t act too excited. Others will pick up on that and they might fold and you won’t have a chance to make more money.

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‘I’m all in.’

Alternatively, never tilt-bluff. Tilt bluffing is when a player gets overly agressive with bluffing. When your opponents are getting good hands at your expense, don’t get frustrated and make random big bluffs to force something to happen. If you find yourself getting too lost in the game and frustrated, stop playing and take a short break.

4. Overprotecting Your Blinds

Throughout a Texas Holdem poker game, you need to protect your blind so that other players do not steal it. However, you should not do this by calling a raise or a re-raise on the same hand you don’t intend to open.

5. Becoming Impatient

It is common for one to sit for a while before playing in a Texas Holdem poker game. This heightens impatience forcing you to play the cards you ought to have kept. This is usually the case for players who learn to play poker online. Since the online games are fast, they feel odd staying at the poker table for several rounds without playing. Instead, you should wait until the cards come your way.

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6. Poor Bankroll Management

In Texas Holdem poker, as is true with other forms of gambling, you experience winning and losing streaks. If you manage your stakes poorly, then you are likely to exhaust your bankroll during the prolonged losing streaks. To avoid this, you should build your bankroll with poker room bonuses and rake back.

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